Why we’re different

The Tropical Group creates things beautifully.

We know that the skills needed to produce outstanding products are only learned through actually making things; by hands-on experience.

A manager that can’t make can’t manage makers effectively.

That’s why we constantly work with design tools, learn new software techniques and refine our maker skills. It informs and improves our product management.

A product manager or product designer who is divorced from the making of the product is necessarily limited in their ability to describe what is required and why, in language that developers and engineers understand best.

Being well-versed and up-to-date in tools and techniques enables a richer, more-precise communication of requirements and brings competitive advantage to the product.

Knowing what we’re asking others to do prevents us from asking the impossible, but also from failing to take full advantage of the possibilities afforded by the chosen technologies, often for free.

Delivery isn’t enough. We focus on outcomes and ROI, for every product increment we manage.

Our approach is consistently innovative, finding highly-valued solutions to real-world problems; transforming customer experiences and empowering users.

Your product portfolio is a key strategic driver of enterprise success. We position products for maximum impact and growth, in highly competitive markets, through effective and timely product strategy.

Our purpose is to inspire and empower your product developers and engineers, marketers and sales force, through our product leadership and vision.

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